Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC Service)

CPW will be ready to offer our services in delivering a Project, by making efforts in following areas:

Planning Phase

Feasibility » R&D Support

  • Consulting Service
    • Conceptual Design
    • Preparation of Pre-FEED
    • Feasibility Study
    • Process Development Service
    • Construction Planning
    • Existing Plant Re-use Planning

FEED Phase

» FEED/Basic Engineering

  • FEED services
    • FEED
    • Basic engineering
    • Feasibility studies
    • Case studies/
      optimization studies

EPC Phase


  • EPC services
    • Engineering
    • Procurement
    • Construction
  • EPCm services
    • Engineering
    • Procurement services
    • Construction management
    • Project management

O&M Phase


  • Operation&Maintenance
    • Training
    • Technology Transfer
    • Shut-down Maintenance
    • Emergent Maintenance
    • Maintenance Palnning
    • Spare Parts Management
  • Asset Management Service
    • Risk and Reliability Management
    • Equipment and Machine Diagnostics
    • Energy Saving
    • Advanced Process Control
    • Debottlenecking



FEED (Front End Engineering Design)

Most of the cases, clients normally have the image of the factory, facility and/or plant but they do not have specific idea on:

◆ Detail specification

◆ Detail Requirements

◆ Required Budget

CPW can provide FEED service as the pioneer stage to study and develop the above. CPW will develop and prepare the basic design and specification based on the client’s concept, ideas and requirements. Based on the basic design, CPW can estimate the budget for project materialization and realization of the client`s idea and plan.


CPW can execute

◆ Harmonious engineering design

◆ Facility, piping, cable and building/structure

◆ Cost optimum design

◆ Design for easing, convenience, maintenance

◆ Compliance design

- Reflection of client desire

- Requirement of authority

◆ Follow up the change work during construction period

◆ As built drawing at the completion for future modification and maintenance


CPW Procurement Team can arrange global procurement with support of Chiyoda Global Head.
Quarter who have a long experience in procurement bases.
CPW will monitor and manage as follows:

◆ Delivery

◆ Quality



We prepare delivery schedule to make cost effective and less time consuming for timely delivery as we have wide network with logistic plan .By advising procurement teams of applicable laws and regulations, it can prevent the extra cost .When the purchased materials arrive port, custom clearance, checking quantity, damage we do ourselves without relying on others.


Quality Control of CPW is starting from raw material specifications confirmation and qualification of the working staffs in the shop.

Health Safety Environment

CPW manages the quality progress and HSE. In the shop Inspection, safety record of the shop is one part of CPW’s safety record while fabricating for the project.

Sample Procurement Process;


Preparation Stage (before construction)

Our Skillful & Experienced Engineers from construction department will provide the following services:

◆ Site Survey/ Evaluation/ Soil Investigation

◆ Design Development

◆ Estimation/ Value Engineering

◆ Prepare Temporary Site Plan including facilities design

◆ Material Supply/ Purchase

Construction Stage

In collaboration with our Engineering and Procurement Department Engineers, our construction department will carry out proper construction management system by managing on

(a) Schedule & Progress Control

(b) Quality

(c) HSSE

(d) Efficient cost control

(e) Adequate Design Modification at site by Proper Recording & Good Coordination with related parties

(f) Proper control/manage on Sub-contractors and their workers

Regarding to HSSE (Health, Safety, Security & Environment) Issue during the construction stage, our HSSE Department and QA/ QC department will conduct on-site safety training to all the supervisors and workers. Our HSSE Department will also conduct on-site safety inspection to ensure the safety of all the workers in the construction environment and the site with zero accidents.


Testing & Commissioning (T&C)

After the construction stage and before hand-over to Client, our CPW’s Skillful & Experienced Engineers will ensure the following test and commissioning procedure.

◆ Check each & every sequences

◆ Find out factory setting fault & correction

◆ Check & testify the accuracy

◆ Read, record and list up Parameters & Setting

◆ Perform short test run, long test run along with sequences

◆ Perform No Load Test, Full Load Test & Breakdown Safety

◆ Coordinate with Client team for approval, confirmation and smooth Handover process