Management & Organization Chart

Chiyoda & Public Works Co., Ltd is managed by a team of highly motivated and well-experienced professionals.

CPW’s Board of Directors

Chiyoda Corporation Ministry of Construction

Nobuhiko Kono (Mr) , Managing Director
Chiyoda & Public Works Co., Ltd

Ko Hosokawa (Mr) , General Manger
SBIM unit, Chiyoda Corporation

Yuzo Masuda (Mr) , Deputy General Manger
Green Infrastructure Unit, Chiyoda Corporation

U Kyaw Linn, Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Construction

U Shwe Lay , Deputy Director General 
Ministry of Construction (Planning)

CPW Management


Managing Director Operation Director Managing Executive Officer
Nobuhiko Kono (Mr) 
Managaing Director
Noriaki Hara (Mr)
Executive Advisor
Tin Ko Htwe @ Daniel
(Managing Executive Officer)

CPW Organization Chart

CPW ,formed all the related departments for taking up engineering, procurement and construction related projects. Our Current Engineering Manpower Resource is around 40 including Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & IT under the Japanese management with the support of Ministry of Construction.