PW_C Renovation Project

As part of our decision of expand our business lines in 2012, we decided to invest in and operate and office rental business by utilizing an old building belonging to our joint venture partner, the Ministry of Construction.

CPW renovated the building without changing its shape or design.

In addition, we installed a new steel corridor to enable easy access to all the units and to increase inner space for offices.

The building opened on October 11, 2015 after a tight 8-month construction schedule and without any accidents.The occupancy rate was 60% at the time of opening.

Renovation details:    
Location : No. 60, Shwedagon Pagoda, Dagon Tsp, Yangon, Myanmar
Structure / Stories : Reinforced Concrete / 4 stories
Total Floor Area / Rentable Floor Area : 8,286 m2  / 5604 m2
Commercial Commencement : 1st July 2014