Consultancy Service

With our long existence and experience in Myanmar, we offer the following services for your various projects :

Consultancy for project execution

♦ Design Review/Approval Work (basic/ detailed)

♦ Project Management Work(HSE, QA/QC & Schedule/ Progress, Cost)

♦ Construction Management Work 

♦ ITB preparation/ budgetary estimation/ Selection of Contractor

Study/ investigation service

♦ Facility diagnostic

♦ Feasibility studies

♦ Social impact and environmental impact studies

♦ Preliminary and detailed designs for construction or engineering work

Consultancy Service Coverage

Infrastructure Development

♦ Water treatment plant

♦ Airport, Port and Jetty

♦ Road & bridge development

♦ Local airport rehabilitation

♦ Coal power plant

♦ EPC of de-sulfurization facility

♦ Construction material industry

Urban re-development including utility supply facilities

♦ Large scale complex (commercial, office, and housing)

♦ Low-cost-housing development

♦ Railway station area development

♦ Factory and plant for domestic market

LNG and Hydrocarbon Facilities

♦ Fuel station for automobiles

♦ Fertilizer plant / Food processing

♦ Oil & Gas Receiving Terminal and Storage

♦ Oil and Gas Pipe Line

General Manufacturing Factories

♦ Automotive Assembly

♦ Beverage factory / Plastic molding factory

♦ Garment Factories