Corporate Policies

CPW Compliance policy


All executives and employees of Chiyoda Group Corporations shall fully comprehend the spirit of the Code of Conduct of the Chiyoda group and conduct their activities in strict compliance with the following provisions:

  1. Earn the trust of clients by constantly improving quality in order to supply useful facilities and services.

♦ Observe all laws, regulations and standards applicable to respective business activities.

♦ Receive permits, submit notices and reports, and perform other procedures associated with          respective business activities in an appropriate manner.


2. Conduct business freely ,fairly and with transparency in order to earn the trust and understanding of society and clients concerning our corporate activities.


♦Never improperly restrict business transactions in terms of price, volume, division of market or other      agreements with competitors and/or industry organizations.

♦Never collaborate with competitors or industry organizations to refuse or terminate business transactions    with a new market entrant or specific company.

♦Never act in a manner that is improperly harmful to the interests of a subcontractor.

♦Strictly observe all treaties and national laws and regulations concerning international trade.

♦Observe all laws and regulations and carefully study the business propriety of exporting strategic materials,     certain other materials and technologies, and providing certain services.

♦Perform all procedures required by governmental agencies in a enthical manner.

♦Never offer improper gifts or benefits of any kind to government employees, employees in quasi government organizations in Japan or other countries, or any other stakeholders.

♦Never offer lavish or extravagant gifts or hospitality to the executives or employees in quasi-government organizations in Japan or other countries ,or any other stakeholder.

♦Never offer gifts they exceed the legal standards of the relevant country.

♦Never accept gifts or hospitality that exceed socially acceptable standards for the relevant country.


3. Maintain strong lines of communication not only with shareholders and other stakeholders but also with society at large, and to disclose corporate information willingly and fairly.


♦Never participate in insider trading.

♦Work to give shareholders and investors a good understanding of our company through IR activities including information disclosure.

♦Make a timely and correct record and report on finance and accounting.


4.Recognize that helping to solve environmental issues is an essential part of our business activities as an engineering company, and to contribute to society while cooperating with governments and their agencies.


♦Endeavor to protect the environment while observing treaties, laws, regulations and other rules concerning the environment.

♦Conduct business activities while taking into consideration the effect on the climate change, natural environment and ecosystems.

♦Use natural resources and energy efficiently while at the same time striving to reduce the volume of waste materials and taking steps to recycle or otherwise use these materials effectively.


5. Reject all contact with antisocial organizations and never provides such organizations with any benefits.


♦Never seek for easy solutions when receiving an improper demand from an anti-social organization. Always report such demands quickly to the appropriate authority.

♦Take due care when conducting ordinary business transactions to ensure antisocial organizations are not involved .


6.Handle personal information and client information with utmost care and attention and use intellectual property in an appropriate manner without infringing on the owners intellectual property rights.


♦Strictly manage the handling of information related to clients, other companies and individuals as well as confidential corporate information obtained through business activities. Prevent leaks and use this information             solely for business purposes.

♦When required to disclose any confidential information in possession of the company to others for business purposes, have the parties sign a confidentiality agreement and observe other internal rules to prevent leaks.

♦Do not rely solely on your own judgment when responding to external inquiries. When a particular department is designated to respond to a certain type of request, always have the inquiry passed on to the proper department.

♦Employees must protect confidential information obtained through business activities even after they no longer work at Chiyoda Group.

♦Take due care to avoid infringement on the intellectual property rights of other companies and individuals, such as by making copies of computer software without approval, and never perform any such act.


7. Draw a line between official company activities and private activities, and never take any action that would be detrimental to the company. 


♦Never use company resources improperly or use company funds or expenses for personal reasons.

♦Never use the company information system or related systems improperly or for personal reasons.


8. Respect the human rights of all people. Also, to respect the diversity, individuality and character of employees and endeavor to ensure employees health and safety by providing a suitable working environment. 


♦Respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

♦Never discriminate on the basic of race, creed, religion, gender, nationality, age ,origin, disabilities, disease etc.

♦Ensure a working environment free from all forms of harassment, including sexual harassment and abuse of power.

♦ Respect the culture, customs, languages and other characteristics of countries and regions .Take due care to behave in line with international and regional social standards.

♦Maintain a safe and healthy working environment.

♦Conduct thorough safety education and training and enlighten everyone to be well aware of the importance of safety and of safety-related knowledge.

♦Promote Work Life Balance. 


9. Senior management shall recognize that implementing the spirit of the Code of Conduct is their responsibility, and shall make related parties aware of the Code of Conduct by setting an example through their leadership.    Senior management shall also heed the voice of stakeholders, both internally and externally, and take initiatives to solve the issues violating this Code of Conduct and strive to establish an effective framework for implementing    these principles.