Corporate Policies

HSE Policy




Contribute to the sustainable development of society by providing customers with products and services that meet their needs,  as well as the statutory and regulatory requirements related to the project , product, processes, environment, occupational health and safety.


Set and achieve challenging objectives and targets while adopting appropriate operational practice to monitor, control and minimize any adverse impact of working activities on quality, occupational health and safety.


Anticipate emergency situations, such as fires, explosions, serious accidents at the company site, and establish emergency procedure and effective communication networks with the customer, hospitals, fire stations, and other related authorities or associations to provide assistance and cooperation.


Establish a health management program and promote individual’s health ensuring that any information on health preservation programs obtained from the authorities or associations is promptly transferred to all CPW employees.


Have a passionate concern for preserving the environment ensuring that any environmental accident/ incident that occur on site will be carefully investigated to establish and implement corrective measures that will prevent its recurrence (e.g. minimising noise pollution,extermination of pets ,proper waste disposal and improvement of the work environment.


Work with major suppliers and subcontractors to streamline their Health, Safety & Environment management systems while encouraging their continual improvement and enforcing safety regulations and practices.


Ensure that appropriate resources are available to fully implement the Health, Safety and Environment policy and continuously review its adequacy with respect to legal regulations and business development.


Provide relevant information on the Health, Safety, and Environmental policy to the public, concerned authorities and interested parties and ensure that the policy is understood, implemented and maintained by employees at all levels within the organization.

Chiyoda & Public Works Co.,Ltd (CPW) endeavors to continually enhance customer satisfaction for the life of the project.This shall be done by meeting international standards of customer care, showing concern for the environment and addressing the occupational health and safety needs of personnel.

In our journey towards excellence ,we are committed to:

No Accident

No harm to people

No damage to the environment

Excellent Quality